Butter and Coconut Oil for Baby

I have been trying to build in some basic essential for the baby’s nutrition. Today I drove out to Rockridge to visit with Marin Sun Farms. Normally I pick up my order of pastured eggs and grass-fed liver from the San Francisco Ferry Building, but with all the stuff we had to do yesterday (including going down to the very cool Coyote Point Zoo), I missed it.

But here are some things I’ve been feeding baby this week, and I think it’s been so far a good regular addition:

  • grass-fed butter
  • extra virgin coconut oil
  • grass-fed, hydrolyzed collagen
  • sweet potato

The grass-fed butter and coconut oil are to ensure that she’s getting healthy fats. Particularly for building myelin sheaths and producing usable, non-crazy-making energy, healthy fats are important to put in. Now that the baby is no longer drinking mother’s milk, which has a good amount of fats, I want to make sure that she gets what she needs.

She must really like the coconut oil. She takes the baby spoon and, if I put the jar in front of her, she finds a way to stick it in the jar to get out some coconut oil and feed herself. The concern I have had is that coconut oil, in too high amounts, can cause diarrhea.

In fact, when I first started, that happened to me. But now I have nearly doubled, maybe tripled, to about 3 tablespoons, of coconut oil for breakfast and I’ve been fine.

The collagen I have been mixing with almond milk. The almond milk is sweetened with sugar cane, an unfortunate necessity, but she seems to take well to it. The problem is that it’s quite a mess. Even with the collagen, I am basically trying to use a spoon to feed her pure liquid.

And the last thing was we did a pressured-cooked sweet potato nd she ate it all up. I definitely prefer that to many of the other starches or sweets.

I will start documenting my success with liver, and make sure that I include that in her routine (hopefully I can just export from WP into Jekyll that post rather than retyping it).