Doing Research on Hand-made Soy Sauce

One of our attempts to make feeding the kids a little easier in the blistering heat has been to make food ourselves at lunch time (the other has been to stock up at hawker stands and keep it at home – haven’t tried that, yet).

So…I tried to make some noodle soup with fish cakes at home. But it was missing something. First, I realized that the soup stock is the big secret to the taste of the food. And that takes boiling bones and pig feet for long periods of time and (possibly) adding MSG (also know an anjinomoto).

Compromise? Buy hand-crafted soy-sauce. Yes, it will contain natural-occuring glutamate which is still bad; but it will make the home-made noodles taste alot better. I hope.

So I did some research. Thank goodness for the internets:

Two places to try:

Kilang Kicap Kwong Heng Loong No 7A, Jalan Pasar Pulau Tikus, Penang, Malaysia Tel: 04-2265452

Thin Seng Soy Sauce Factory 79 Jalan Gemas 10460 Penang Phone: 04 283 2998