Quick Thoughts on VIM as Blogging Editor

Now that I finally made the change over to *Octopress for my blog, I wanted to use VIM more regularly as my editor. I may go back to an editor like Mou, later, but right now, I want to figure out how to use it.

Looks like my change of the .vimrc failed. I had typed in the following to get some better word-processor like functionality, but it isn’t working:

autocmd BufRead *\.txt setlocal formatoptions=l
 autocmd BufRead *\.txt setlocal lbr
 autocmd BufRead *\.txt map  j gj
 autocmd BufRead *\.txt  map  k gk
 autocmd BufRead *\.txt setlocal smartindent
 autocmd BufRead *\.txt setlocal spell spelllang=en_us

What the appeal of VIM is, I’m not exactly sure. I only know a handful of commands to move around and such, but when I was doing much more coding with Ruby on Rails, I loved using VIM, especially with the plugin that was Rails specific.

Well, back to the regular post and over time come back to edit this.